Kid siblings killed in Libya bomb attack

from AHMED ZAYED in Tripoli, Libya
TRIPOLI, (CAJ News) – MILITANTS have killed three children from the same family and wounded five other people in a bomb attack in southern Libya.

The attack of the victims’ homes in the city of Sebha has enraged children’s rights groups.

“It is unacceptable for children to be targeted through the use of random shelling or any other means resulting in mass casualties,” said Abdel-Rahman Ghandour, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) special representative in Libya.

The UN envoy called on all parties to the conflict in the North African country to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect all civilians, especially children, and stop attacks on civilian infrastructure including schools and health facilities.

“Children are not a target. They should always be kept out of harm’s way and protected at all times,” Ghandour said.

Libya is beset by instability after Muammar Gaddafi was forced out of power and subsequently killed during the Arab uprisings in 2011.

It is torn among numerous rival, armed militias affiliated with distinct regions, cities and tribes.

The central government of President Mohammed Yousef el-Magariaf has been weak and unable effectively to exert its authority.

Susan Dickson, Legal Counsellor at the United Kingdom Mission to the UN, urged the International Criminal Court to bring perpetrators to book.

“We must ensure that those who have committed, and are still committing, human rights violations and abuses in Libya, including unlawful killings,do not evade justice for their crimes,” Dickson said.
– CAJ News

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