Government critics disappear in Rwanda

Rwanda flag

Rwanda flag

KIGALI – ALARM has been raised over the lengthy disappearance of an opposition activist and a journalist, raising fears of the forgettable general election Rwanda held in 2010.

Among those missing is opposition activist, Illuminée Iragena, who has never been seen since March amid fears she might have been killed in detention.

Journalist John Ndabarasa went missing in August.

With less than one year to go before the country’s August 2017 presidential elections, political space remains very limited, with tight restrictions on freedom of expression and association.

Human Rights Watch said free speech was severely restricted ahead of polls.

Political opposition and criticism from human rights groups are not tolerated.

Independent media are muzzled.

“Rwandans who have dared raise their voices or challenge the status quo have been arrested, disappeared, or killed,” Human Rights Watch said.

The administration of President Paul Kagame has been blamed for laxity in investigating the violations.

– CAJ News

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