Somalia trembling as ocean brews another storm

from SAAD MUSE in Mogadishu, Somalia
MOGADISHU, (CAJ News) – SOMALIA, which has reported the death toll in the tropical cyclone Sagar in Somalia has risen to 25, is nervous as yet another storm brews in the Gulf regions.

The fears come amid projections of the weather front of heavy rain developing in the northern Indian Ocean could deteriorate into a full-blown tropical cyclone by the end of this week.

It will come on the heels of the cyclone Sagar, which brought one the strongest storms ever recorded in Somalia, with wind gusts of up to 102 km/per hour and between 150mm and 200mm of rain.

“The second, unnamed storm poses an immediate threat to the shipping lane that links Somalia and trading partners in the Gulf states and beyond,” said a spokesperson of Somalia’s disaster management authority.

He said humanitarians and authorities monitoring the wake of the second tropical storm.

Meanwhile, the death toll from last weekend’s storms has risen from 16.

According to latest statistics, at least 12 people have been injured and 27 are missing. Some 32 fishermen reported missing at sea when disaster hit have been rescued.

Although the full extent of the cyclone Sagar impact is still unknown, the confirmed figures show the high level of destruction left by the storm in its wake.

In Somaliland, the Government estimates put the number of people affected near 670 000, including hundreds of thousands of children.

At least 80 percent of livestock in the most affected areas were killed and some 700 farms devastated.
– CAJ News

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