Crime rampant in Kenya slums

NAIROBI, (CAJ News) – KENYAN police are battling a surge in crime in the capital Nairobi.

Crime has been on the rise lately linked to poverty.

Police are on the trial of a man who allegedly assaulted another to death in a fight over KSh200 (R28) at the notorious Kibera slums.

The victim collapsed and died after the suspect repeatedly hit him.

In a separate incident, in Huruma, also within Nairobi, a man has been stabbed to death as he fought back robbers that had deprived him of his mobile phone.

No arrests had been made.

Poverty and crime characterize Kibera, said to be the largest urban slum in Africa housing up to 1 million residents.

In Huruma, criminals have turned abandoned buildings into their havens.
CAJ News

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