Africa condemns Turkey terrorist attack

istanbulFrom TAHLIIL GHEDI in Mogadishu, Somalia
MOGADISHU, (CAJ News) – AFRICAN countries under siege from terrorists have pledged solidarity with Turkey following an attack that killed at least 36 people and injured about 150 in Istanbul.

Suspected members of the Islamic State and Kurdish terror groups are suspected to have perpetrated the deadly blast at the city’s airport.

Somalia President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, condemned the acts of terrorism.

“The fact that the terrorists would target innocent people in such a brutal and unforgivable manner is the greatest sign of their inhumanity, and moral bankruptcy. Any violence against innocent civilians aimed at terrorizing them and their nation is deplorable and wholly evil,” he said.

He offered condolences to the leadership of Turkish government and the families of the victims at Istanbul Airport attack.

Mohamud, whose country has been under siege from the Islamic State-affiliated Al-Shabaab, said terrorism was a global problem which needed a united global response.

Seychelles President, James Michel, also denounced the terror.

He furthered noted that it was an indiscriminate and criminal attack which targeted people of all races and creeds.

Turkey has faced a string of terrorist attacks over the past year, including several in Istanbul, as it confronts threats from both the Islamic State and Kurdish militants fighting a war with the Turkish state in the southeast.

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