Pioneering fuel app set for global expansion

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – MOTORISTS, small business owners and fleet operators are set to enjoy simpler, more secure payment processes at the pumps following a ground-breaking fuel payment mobile app.

Payment24, an international fuel payment system developed in South Africa, will be available to one of the world’s leading oil companies’ customers on their smartphones, allowing them to quickly and easily pay for fuel at over hundreds of filling stations across the country.

The mobile fuel payment app will soon be rolled out internationally.

The move will position the Payment24 as a pioneer in mobile-based customer convenience in Africa, allowing the oil companies and fuel card issuers like banks, to enhance efficiencies, reduce the risk of losses due to incorrect grades of fuel being billed.

It will eliminate the risks of payment fraud or errors at the pump.

Nolan Daniels and Shadab Rahil, joint Chief Executive Officers of Payment24, said the platform had gained significant traction in the market and is in use by major fleet owners and organisations across Africa and abroad.

Clients on the continent include the United Nations headquarters in Kenya and Standard Bank in Namibia.

Two of the five major oil companies are already using the platform.

Rahil said expanding on the growth in the fuel and transport sectors, the partnership with oil companies and banks, takes the advanced payment solution to the mobile phones of consumers and small business owners for the first time.

“In our pilot projects, customers reported a significantly improved experience and said they appreciated not having to hand over credit or debit cards or carry cash for fuel purchases,” Rahil said.

Daniels said the mobile app reduced the cost and complexity of managing payment terminals on the forecourt, cuts the cost per transaction, enhances payment security and reduces time at the pumps.

In addition, by ensuring only the correct grade of fuel is authorised, petrol grade errors – traditionally a significant expense item – are reduced.

“And because the platform is so convenient, app users tend to return to the same petroleum brand time and again,” Daniels said.
– CAJ News

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